A technology to reduce injury problems of athletes

Cricket Analysis camp at R.P. Academy in Delhi: This photo shows a typical analysis where the athlete is screened for potential injuries in the foot and the back. Courtesy: Siddharth Hans

By Siddharth Hans

Hello, my name is Siddharth Hans. I, along with a friend of mine, Jaideep Singh have developed a technology for improving the performance and reducing the injury problems of an athlete.

Our inspirations

During the college days, my roommate had to miss the trials for his national football team selection following a foot injury. My friend had trained about six hours every day just to get a ticket for the selections. When he was forced to miss the opportunity of his lifetime, I realized injuries are a major problem in the life of an athlete.

Following that incident, we started visiting sports academies on a daily basis so that we could understand the magnitude of this problem. During our survey, we found that at least 60 percent of the athletes were experiencing injury problems. In one such cricket academy in Rohini, a 24-year bowler named Vikas Solanki had to leave cricket and start a different career because of a chronic back injury.

We also found that a lot of athletes were not able to perform to their full potential due to injuries. Saksham Gupta, a state level badminton player had noticed a considerable drop in his smash speed after an elbow injury.

These facts and figures were startling to us. We realized if we are able to predict these injuries beforehand and deal with them pro-actively, the quality of athletes our country produces can improve drastically.

Being engineering students, we decided to work on a technology that can tackle injury problems and improve the performance of an athlete. The project was carried out under the able guidance of our mentor Dr. Jaskirat Kaur (Assistant Prof. & Consultant Nuerotherapist at Indian Spinal Injuries Center, Delhi).

Our Technology

We have made a software using which a clinician can obtain a quick and thorough biomechanical assessment of an athlete. During the assessment, high-speed cameras are used to record the motion of an athlete from multiple views.

The recorded videos are then analyzed using the software to identify the various weak muscles and joints in the player’s body that may be reducing performance or increasing the risk of injuries.

Based on the results of the analysis, a clinician is able to provide a detailed exercise plan to strengthen all the weak areas of the body.

Implementation of the technology

To bring the technology to effect, we started a company called Auptimo. With a team of doctors, engineers, physiotherapists and video analysts, Auptimo has launched an ‘Athlete Performance Analysis Programme’ to promote grass root development in sports by providing world-class health facilities to emerging athletes.The objective of this program is to improve the overall performance of an athlete and reduce the risk of injuries.

Tennis Analysis camp at Hari Nagar Tennis Academy in Delhi. Courtesy: Siddharth Hans

During the programme, every athlete undergoes a comprehensive screening process where our team uses our cutting-edge technology to identify and correct any imbalanced muscles or joints in the body that may cause injury or reduce his performance.

We have also tied up with a sports injury center in New Delhi to provide additional health assistance to athletes and monitor their fitness on a regular basis.

Effect of the programme

We have initiated this program in reputed cricket academies likes R.P cricket academy and Chetan Chauhan Cricket Academy in Delhi. In a short span of 3 months, over 30 players have benefitted from the programme.

One such player is Javed Jayish Khan, a young fast bowler from Delhi, selected for the Mumbai Indians IPL team in 2013. Javed has been associated with the program for two months now and has seen considerable improvements in his performance.

Although we have started this program with cricket and tennis, we are determined to incorporate high injury sports like Badminton and Football into the program as well.

(Siddharth Hans is an engineer and the co-founder of the Auptimo Technologies. He can be contacted via Linkedin.)